José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero... El Cura Gaucho

Perseverans atque victor (Persevering and victorious).Apostle of the religion and work, union and peace.

José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero god's servant was born in Santa Rosa de Río Primero (Córdoba) on march 16 , 1840. He had nine brothers and sisters. Who grew up in a religious family. Two of his sisters were nuns .

In march 4, 1885, he goes to seminary Nuestra Senora de Loreometo, He become a priest in november 4, 1866.

He stared with pastoral task assistant in the cathedral of Cordoba, he developed as priestly ministry while town was devastate by cholera.He got a master in philosophy and he was able to teach in the university of Cordoba.

On 1969, He assumed the extenso Curato de San Alberto. With more than 4.300 kilometers and With 10.000 residents. They use to lived in different places whithout roads and schools.the town was cut off by the big mountains.

When he saw the porverty. The Priest Brochero doesen't give up, because from that moment He will devote his life to preaching and teachiing.

Next year, he tooks womens and men to Cordoba, to do spiritual exercise. With 200 kilometers by donkey,To travel they needs 3 days to get to Cordoba, more of one they were surprised by the nature power, like snow and bigs storms.. After nine days, of silence and prayer . they went back to home changing their lifes, following the gospel and looking for the economic development of the town..

In 1875, the congregation help to built the exercise's house in Villa del Transito, named today Villa Cura Brochero.Was opened in 1877. To make it bigger, was constructed the religious house , the girl's school and resident for the prest.

With the congregation He constructed more than 200 kilometers of roads, founded towns He took charge of education for everybody.

Planed the railroad from Valle de Traslasierra to Villa Dolores and Soto. To take off the people to the poor.He use to said,They were forgotten by everybory, but not for God.

He preached the gospel, a sacrament to gave spiritual aid and comfort and perfect spiritual helth, taking all the time the necessary to the mass. He use to sayd , " devil can stole a soul" .That's why he gave all to everybody, specially to poors and people who doesn't believe in God.

Few days after to his death, the catholic newspaper from Cordoba write, : 'Like we know, Brochero priest contranted the disease to the dead. Because his disease he ,resigned, lining a few years with his sisters in his town. But he was still helpping people, he goes back to his old hous on Villa del Transito, dying latter with leprour and blind in january 26, 1914.
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